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Custom Order Skirts

Our flared, A-line skirts have been very popular in the past, so we have decided to make it more easily accessible to you.  It can now all be done online, over e-mail, and/or the phone.  There is no need to come into the studio anymore if you are interested in having these versatile beauties made.  All you need to do is to fill in the contact form here with your order details.

 What your order details must include:

  1. The Style (take a look at what we have available below)

  2. The following measurements: Your waist (just above the belly button), your hips (around the buttocks) and the length (from where you took your waist measurement to where you want the hem to be); remember to add extra if you plan on wearing heels.  The measurements are the most important part.  If you are unsure about anything, have it taken professionally, because we can't take responsibility for skirts that don't fit due to wrong measurements.  All measurements must be taken in cm's.

  3. The colour/type of print.  Colours and prints are subject to availability. 

  4. Date of event.

  5. Your location.

Skirts can be delivered (delivery is R70) or picked up at the studio.  If you are in our area, you are more than welcome to schedule a consultation with us so that we can take your measurements, and you can come fabric shopping with us if you want.  Below are the different styles available:


Satin Skirt

The satins skirts create more of an A-line feel.  The fabric is a bit stiffer, so it doesn't fall as softly.  If you want the proper A-line look then this style is perfect for you

Price: R770


Pleated Skirt

If you want more of a ballgown feel then this style is for you.  It's much wider and has a lot more fabric. Perfect for those with an inner princess screaming to come out.

Price: R980


Stretch Satin

This style has the same look and feel as the satin skirt, but it falls softer.  This means that it doesn't have such a prominent A-line shape. It's very elegant!

Price: R770


Scuba Skirts

The scuba skirt is the same style as the stretch satin skirt.  It's made from scuba fabric (a heavy, stretch, knit fabric) instead of stretch satin.  This fabric fall a lots heavier, so it has a better drape. It's very flattering and comfortable, and it comes in amazing colours and prints

Price: R770


Ballerina Skirt

The tulle/ballerina skirt is definitely the favourite of all the styles.  It's very trendy, the most versatile in terms of dressing up or down, and it's so romantic.  There are three lengths available; floor length, midi and knee length.  They are made with two layers of tulle, but more layers can be added for R100 a layer.


Floor length - R780

Midi - R750

Knee length - R700

If you have any other skirt ideas in mind or want to add or take something away from existing styles let us know.  Together we can design whatever you want!

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