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Our 5 Top Trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 16

A new year has arrived and you know what that events that will leave you asking:

To prepare you for those dress-up moments ahead we've gone and consulted the experts about the biggest trends for the coming year, so that you don't have to. These are the 5 biggest trends for 2023 we have picked:


1. Sheer Magic

It's time to (almost) bare it all with these sheer styles. This trend has been around for a while and, looking at design houses like Ellie Saab and Armani, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. From day wear to wedding dresses; this trend can be seen across all spectrums. We think this trend is a direct result of the movement towards more body confidence and we're here for it!

2. Underwear as Outerwear

Staying with the risqué trends of the year, we look at underwear as outerwear. It's another trend carried over from last year, but this time we're looking at softer more feminine interpretations than last year. Think corset type bodices paired with fuller statement skirts, and sleek and sexy slip dresses.

Tip: This is a HUGE Matric dance dress trend ;)

3. 3D Lace

There weren't many floral prints on the runway, but florals definitely stood out (literally) in their 3D form. These 3D flowers transformed simple dresses into blossoming works of art. It is especially popular with wedding dresses as wedding dress designers, who are (usually) limited to shades of white, have taken to experimenting with different textures, and this is the result.

4. Your something Blue (and Pink)

As stated previously, wedding dress designers are usually limited when it comes to colour. But colour has lately been making its way into the wedding dress industry more and more often. Blink and you'll miss it, because it's soft, subtle and romantic. Colours you can look out for this year are shades of blue and pink.

5. Colour

This year the colour trends are leaning more towards brighter hues, which makes us so happy, because, I don't know about you, but we can do with some extra brightness in our lives. There are 5 big colour trends this year and they are purples, baby blues, pinks, yellows and neon.


As a bonus we're adding this trendy detail to the list. If you're looking at something simple, but want to add a small or dramatic detail, consider a bow. Their feminine and naturally romantic feel make them perfect for special occasion wear!

What are some of your favourite trends for 2023?

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