Designing the Perfect Matric Dance Dress:

Three Rules to Live by

I think I speak for almost everybody when I say that this year has been filled with nothing but uncertainty. Everybody is too scared to get excited about anything, because nobody knows whats going to happen...and the Matric farewell is no exception. The Matric farewell that every girl dreams about from her first day of school. The Matric farewell that should be a source of excitement and joy, is now a a source of uncertainty and stress.

But it looks like things are looking up! Schools have started again and most teacher and students are standing up for their right to celebrate the hard work they have put in for the last 12 years. Schools are making the Matric farewells happen by hook or by crook, and students are becoming excited again, and I with them. To help you get excited again I want to share my 3 main rules for designing the perfect Matric dance dress.

To me the perfect dress is timeless and classic. Something you can wear again and again at different events and for different occasions. If you feel like I do and want the perfect timeless and classic dress for your Matric farewell then all you need to do is follow these 3 rules:

1. Start Simple

The first step to creating a classic and timeless dress is to start simple. Simplicity is key. Remember, you want to go for style over fashion. Fashion is seasonal and style is timeless. Honestly, think function first. Are you planning on dancing the night away? Then go for a simple A-line. Not much of a dancer? Then go for a simple sheath dress. The key word in both these scenarios being simple ; )

2. Add a Focusing Design Detail

Now, keeping it simple doesn't mean keeping it boring. Our next rule is to add one interesting design detail. The point of this detail is to create an area of focus and to show off your personal style. It can be a big detail, or a small detail. Choose an area that you want focused on and plan your design detail around that, and always keep function in mind. Great detail ideas are adding a little sparkle, adding lace, a high slit, an open back, a bold print, or playing with textures.

3. Make It Your Own

Last but definitely not least is to make it your own. This rule is the most important rule! You have to wear the dress, so make the design work for you. Design a dress that you will be comfortable in and choose details that show of your best features. Remember, you wear the dress; the dress doesn't wear you. The whole point of designing a classic and timeless dress is so that you can wear it again, and you will never wear a dress that was uncomfortable or made you feel self conscious again.

So there you have it; the rules I live by to design the perfect dress. I hope you keep it in mind the next you need a new dress.

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