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5 Things You Should Know if You Want to Have a Dress Custom Made

Having a dress made is never easier nor cheaper than just buying one. But you can be sure that the dress is made specifically for your body and the chances that somebody will be wearing the same dress as you is basically zero. (I mean, we've al had/seen those b*tch stole my look moments)

So here our top 5 tips for having your dress custom made and avoiding those awkward moments:


1. Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is important, because it gives us an idea of what we have to work with, and what we can offer you. Many clients have come to us asking for a quote, but don't provide us with a budget, because "they don't really know what dresses cost". But once they get the quote they realise it's too expensive and moves on...this means they did have a price that they didn't want to go over; a.k.a. as a budget. If we had known what that limit was, we could've designed a dress for them based on their ideas, but which would've still been within the limits they set. So please think about what the maximum is you want to pay and let your designer know.

2. Keep an Open Mind