5 Daytime Date Outfit Ideas

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I don't know about you, but I have always loved a daytime date. Wether it's a coffee date, drinks after work, or a picnic in the park; it's always more casual, much more fun, and way less pressure than a formal date night...except when it comes to what to wear!

Dressing for a date night is easy. There are rules you can follow when you don't know what to wear. Show a little skin, put on some heels and add some sparkle, and you're ready to go. Finding the perfect daytime date outfit is a bit more complicated. You don't want to dress up too much, because then you'll look silly, and if you're too casual your date might think you don't really care.

So, I have put together 5 outfits from our online store for five different daytime dates. Enjoy:

1. The Coffee Date:

A coffee date is the perfect first date, because it's casual, and it's short and sweet. Your outfit should reflect this. It should look something you would wear everyday and not like something you picked out specifically for this date (even though you did). That's why we went for our Roxy shift dress. It's comfortable, it's classic and has just the right amount of girlyness. We paired it with a small nude sling bag, mustard gold pumps and gold accessories.

2. A Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is probably one of my favourite date activities. It's fun, it's relaxing and it's outside. Something about being outside on a date brings out my inner Disney Princess and makes me want to twirl about. That's way we have chosen our pleated Sandy skirt (you'll be sitting on the ground so you'll need a wide skirt). We paired it with a novelty T-shirt to keep it casual, black strappy sandals, a small navy sling bag, and accessories with some blue to go with the skirt.

3. Musings at the Museum

If you love learning (and showing off your historical trivia skills) then this one is for you. A museum is a great place for a date, because you get to share your interests and your knowledge, and maybe learn some new things too. Museums are big and can keep you busy for hours, but those hours are spent walking, so you want an outfit that's comfortable and practical. So for this date we have picked our Karin shirt dress and paired it with a pair of sneakers, a bigger leather sling bag (for all your nerd stuff ;) ), a leather double banded watch and silver bobble earrings.

4. The Lunch Date

If you want to go out and have a meal, but don't want it to be too fancy or intimate, then a lunch date is the way to go. There is no pressure to wear a formal dress, but a proper dress is still recommended. Therefore we recommend our Farrah maxi dress. It's a bit more formal than our other outfits, but not too formal. We've paired it with mustard yellow (so on trend right now) block heels, a mustard yellow clutch bag with a gold chain sling, and gold accessories.

5. Drinks After Work

Drinks after work is probably the closest to a formal dinner date and definitely has the potential of turning into one, so you'll need to be ready for anything. That's where our Polly pinafore dress comes in. It's practical and sensible enough for work, but also sexy enough for a date (Little Black Dress). We've paired it with navy blue patent leather heels, a gold and blue chocker, gold earring studs, a formal watch, and a simple small sling to dress it down a bit.

I hope you leave feeling inspired for your next date...inspired outfit wise and date idea wise ;)

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